JRockit rocks on IA64

I did some benchmark on a web application which runs on Weblogic8.1 sp2. Weblogic was installed on a 4 IA64 CPU Linux server .
The benchmark between the Sun JVM 1.4.1 for IA64 and the BEA JRockit providedwith Weblogic showed that the application ran 10x times fasteron JRockit. The ratio was even higher with more than 50 virtual users.

I couldn't even believe it. I thought I had done mistakes trying to tunethe Sun JVM with the -XX options but no the results were the samewithout the -XX options. I haven't figured outwhy the Sun JVM ran so slowly… But if you need to run Weblogicserver on IA64 give JRockit a try, it's really worth it.

To be honest, the Sun JVM 1.4.1 for Itanium 64seems to be a beta one (java -version gives build 1.4.1-b21) and the JRockit JVM is the only one supported on IA64 by BEA. So the comparision was obviously biased. By the way,i'll do some tests with Weblogic 8.1 sp4 with a JVM 1.4.2