Weblogic ant tasks

For having worked with many of the Weblogic ant tasks,it's really a pain to make them work with a standard ant(i.e: not the one bundled with Weblogic).

I work under Eclipse 3 with ant 1.6 and do some integration work of J2EE applications. Some of the Weblogic ant tasks like source2wsdd or wlappc just don't work without Weblogic's ant. wlappc was supposed to be fixed with sp3 but it still doesn't work properly. The workarounds to make these tasks work are:

  • find the matching administration class and load the class with the “java” task
  • create dynamically a command/shell script that will invoke the task withWeblogic's ant !
    Also, I tried the WLST scripting tool based on Jython. Of course calling itfrom the Weblogic 's ant works fine but with a standard one it doesn't(even with Classpath set properly :-) ).

That's why I decided to stick to wlsh( Weblogic shell: http://www.wlshell.com)which worked pretty well for me but is not officially supported by BEA (and have limited scripting capabilites compared to Jython).

Update: actually wlst can be invoked from ant when the fork option of the “java” task is set to true. But my complaints about the Weblogic ant tasks just remain.

I think BEA guys should really test these ant tasks and administration tools with a vanilla ant. And generally, they should improve the quality of them, some have very limited features compared to the CLI tools and even some of the implementedfeatures are broken !

P.S: Next time I'll try to post technical stuff instead of complaining …