Proxying Weblogic SNMP Agent

Today many middleware and back end enterprise systems embedtheir own SNMP agent (or at least send SNMP traps). SNMP agentsare polled by SNMP managers or enterprise monitoring systems likeTivoli Netview or HP Openview.

Weblogic offers the ablity to proxy the OS SNMP agent and other SNMP agents butgenerally it’s better to use the OS’s SNMP agent asa proxy for all applications SNMP agents hosted on your machine.(Mostly because if the OS SNMP agent fails it’s likely that the machine isdown and all its applications also ;-) whereas if Weblogic SNMP agent fails the OSmight still be alive).

In order to achieve this goal on Linux/Unix, you can use the net-snmp(a.k.a ucd-snmp) to proxy SNMP requests to Weblogic server’s SNMP agent.And it’s pretty straightforward.

The Weblogic domain is composed here of 2 Weblogic servers one administrationserver adminserver and 1 managed server ejbserver on the hostname machine. The Weblogic SNMP agent runs on port1610 of the administration server and is allowed to received requests and send traps for the weblogicpublic community.

Here’s the net-snmp snmpd.conf I used:

syslocation "SunOS hostname 5.8 Generic_108528-16 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-480R"
syscontact "Root "
rocommunity public
rocommunity weblogicpublic
rouser myuser noauth
proxy -v 1 -c weblogicpublic hostname:1610 .
proxy -Cn adminserver -v 1 -c weblogicpublic@adminserver hostname:1610 .
proxy -Cn ejbserver -v 1 -c weblogicpublic@ejbserver hostname:1610 .

Line 4: we authorize the weblogicpublic community to perform SNMP polling requests.

Line 6: by default SNMP requests are forwarded to Weblogic SNMP agent without context for all requests that concern the Weblogic server MIB (starting with . OID)

Line 7: a context is configured to address the adminserver Weblogic server

Line 8: same as above for the ejbserverDon’t forget to add the Weblogic‘s MIB in the net-snmp MIB repository and you’re done.