Impressive Jboss tools on Eclipse Europa

I gave RedHat Developer Studio (a.k.a Jboss tools) a quick try and it seems quite promising. I set it up on a brand new Eclipse Europa using the nightly buildsIt integrates Exadel Studio for Jsf development, and plugins to develop with your favorite Jboss Enterprise Middleware System tools and frameworks (hibernate, jbpm , jboss rules, jboss tree and aop cache,Jboss WS (jsr-181)) and off course the brand new Seam. It will offer a complete enterprise grade and open source middleware stack with a nice ide.I am really looking forward to the final release.
Here are some screenshots:

  • Hibernate’s perspective (using a Jpa persistance unit):

Hibernate perspective (Jpa persistance unit)

  • Facelet design/source view