A picture is worth a thousand words (my 2008 no interest techs list)

This comic sums up my opinion on Scala pretty well (very funny):http://stuffthathappens.com/blog/2008/01/02/scala-will-do/I jumped on Ruby and Rails bandwagon spending some man-days (;-)) on it but at least Rails has been a reference in term of web productivity and introduced or leveraged nice concepts (naming conventions over configuration, DSL, REST, TDD etc.) . Recently, many Java web frameworks compared themselves to Rails and how they were much better (Seam,Grails & Co). Rails influenced the IT community (Java, .Net and Python included).=> All in all, i have excuses to have followed the crowd… But not this time, Scala (pretty unreadable), JavaFx (not until i see the consumer jre in action and applets as fast-loaded as flash apps without dumb dialog boxes) are definitely on my 2008 technos of no-interest !I’ll hopefully focus this year on the new Cobol ;-) core (or even .Net/C#) .